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Hi Guys,

Really quick question... Bought a PSU tester to check some older PSU's and have a question.

I tested it on my OCZ EliteXStream and my cheaper winpower 600w one... and when i plug the 20/24 pin connector in all the lights show except the -5v

It has +3.3v,-12,PG,+5VSB,+12,-5V,+5V

On both PSU's everything lights up as normal except the -5v...

When I plug it into a much older 350w eagle PSU, the only difference is that it doens't have a 6pin PCIE and HAS a P4 Connector, and ALL the lights come on including -5v.

Should I be worried? or is this normal not to have a -5v on new PSU's?

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  1. No modern MB do not use -5/-12 V
  2. Yes, it's normal.
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