Need CPU Cooling/ OC-ing advice w i7-930

Hi all,

I've got a P6X58D-E motherboard with a i7-930, I'm using the stock cooler at the moment but I'll be replacing it soon.

My goal for this build has been a balance of performance vs. noise & longevity. I don't care much about cost for the cooler as the cpu is just so much more expensive.

Question 1 is, therefore, which cooler should I buy? I'm open to a simple water cooling loop as long as it's both more effective and quieter than any of the available air coolers. I've been considering these two:

as they are available to me locally.

This review:, along with one from silent pc review tell me that the Noctua cooler is better both in terms of performance and noise.

Question 2, is there anything out there that can compete with this Noctua cooler in both performance and noise?

Eventually, I'll be looking to find a good clock frequency. If I use this Noctua cooler, I have no doubt that I'll be able to get a 930 past 4 Ghz, but I am looking to minimize potential issues in the long term,

Question 3, I have heard from a few sources that running a cpu at a high temp & a very high clock will lower its life, is there any merit to this?

For a moment, I'll assume that a higher temperature will reduce the life of a cpu, rather than the clock frequency (the difference between them being the effectiveness of the cooling, of course), which leads me to my last question...

Question 4, what is a good compromise between temperature and longevity of the cpu? What temperature should I be aiming for? Will I be safe if I get idle and load temps lower than those of the stock cooler on the stock frequency? I'd like to get an opinion from someone with experience.

Thanks in advance!

PS> I know I ask a lot of questions in my posts, but I am looking for any advice I can get, so if you can answer any of these questions, please do.
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  1. i7s run hot hot hot. At 4ghz without a full WC setup you are looking at 70C-80C

    I personally think you should do watercooling. The Corsair H50 wouldn't even qualify as entry level watercooling which would run for $200. but watercooling components can be used for future setups and by far quieter than any heat sink fan setup. With water you can expect 40C fairly easily. If you ever want, you can intergrate the graphics card into the loop fairly easily.

    Don't be so keen on getting the 930 past 4ghz. The chips aren't exactly top bin. Even with a watercooler you wouldn't be getting it very far past 4ghz. Also don't increase voltage too much. Overvolting a CPU decreases lifespan far more than running it at high temp. I wouldn't pass 1.4v

    Between the two choices I recommend the H50. Put dual fans on it and you would get similar performance but the is less restrictive and gives better airflow in the case. Also cheaper. Your newegg links doesn't work btw.

    This would be a real WC kit. I assume you are in Canada. DirectCanada has the best prices BTW.
  2. Hi.

    1- Ur links doesn't work, but like I see ur options are a Noctua NH-D14 or the H50 right?, the H50 is a crap for the price even u can get the same performance of the H50 with a Hyper 212+ that is only at $30. Now, bear in mind that if u go with a good LCS this also have fans for the radiator so, the noise still exist in that point.

    2- Another very good coolers are: Thermalright Venomous X, Tintan Fenrir, Thermaltake Frio.

    3- All the CPUs have a temp limit, if u don't pass that limit ur CPU is safe and u won't have any problem.

    4- The safe temp in idle or load depends of another factors like ambient temp and airflow of ur case, but like I say up if ur temps are below of the max temp that the CPU support.
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