First timer looking to overclock i7-950

After building my new machine I was curious on what the proper steps I would need to do to OC my machine to 4 ghz.

Here is my rig:

Intel i7-950 3ghz

Mushkin Enhanced Redline 6GB

EVGA 141-BL-E757-TR LGA 1366 Intel X58 ATX X58 SLI LE


CPU Heatsink:
COOLER MASTER Hyper 212 Plus (with 2 fans)

right now my PC currently runs at 28c

Here's my Screenshots when I run CPU-Z:

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  1. You have a nice motherboard designed for Overclocking!

    Start out by reading the OC guides right here on this site (that's what I did). 4GHz should be attainable with the Hyper 212 cooler that you have (I am running my i-7 920 CPU at 3.82 GHz on my CM V8 cooler). Normal temps around 33 degs C.

    When you start your OC, remember to set the RAM multiplier to the LOWEST setting (8x instead of 10x). And go from there. Reading the guides will explain all this much better.

    Good luck, and tell us what you achieved.
  2. Thanks dude.

    Yeh I was checking guides and video tutorials and it's been pretty difficult to understand in regards to the settings. Almost feels abit intimidating heh.

    I hear that OCCT is a good program for Overclocking. would ya know if that's reliable?
  3. I use ELEET from EVGA - comes free with your motherboard. Lately, I have been using my BIOS to make changes to the CPU speed (OC).

    I knew little or nothing about computers - got tired of daily problems on my Dell Optiplex, and decided to read, learn, and build my own computer. After 2 months of reading and familiarizing myself, I built my own Intel i-7 computer (specs under "More Information" under my Avatar).

    After building my computer, I read the guides on OC and started OCing. OC took about 2 weeks at a very leisurely pace. I too was intimidated at first; but reading made me more confident. The videos on Youtube are also quite good.

    I remember a famous saying: "If you want to learn a subject, write a book on it!"

    Good luck Viro!
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