8800 320mb now+1=SLI vs new 295, which u choose?


Had Asus EN8800GTS 320MB since April 07.

Which of the following upgrade choices would you choose?

1) find 2nd card to SLI
2) find 2nd card to run dedicated PhysX only - but not all games benefit ??? hence can fall back to choice 1???
3) get new 295, let 8800 run PhysX functions ???


In case you need to know CPU+ram bottle for the new 295

CPU = Athlon 4000 OC to 2.625GHz
ram = 4GB @ 750Mhz 5-5-5-15-21
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  1. get the 295... prolly around 150% faster dude. no comparison.

    btw is that a dual core processor? if its not, dont even waste yoru money. no point getting any new graphics card with a slow single core...
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