How to configure 24p on my HTPC

I'm looking to setup my second HTPC, but this time I want to get true 24p working on my display. Is it possible to get true 1080/24p from a computer or is this option only available in standalone blu-ray players? Right now I have an ATi 4870 in my HTPC (used for gaming as well) but am unsure on how to set it up for 24p when I watch movies. I can swap it out for an nVidia card as well, but would prefer to leave what's in there now. Any information on setting this up on ATi and/or nVidia based graphics cards would be greatly appreciated!
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    Yes the CCC has an option under 1920x1080 for 24hz.
  2. Hmm, was that added after the initial driver lease (8.6 was it?)? Sorry, it's been a while since I peaked in there but remembered it wasn't there in the past. Thanks for the reply!
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