Max safe temps for a Phenom II 955

i have Phenom II x4 955 BE which i recently overclocked to 3.84ghz. but im wondering weather its safe because when i ran a stability test the CPU slowly climbed to 62C, and may have gone higher but i stopped the test because i didnt want it to overheat.

my first question is should i run the stability test again and just let it keep going? or can that cause damage to my CPU? what will happen if my CPU overheats? will the System just power down my computer or will the CPU fry?

my second question is what is the max temp that is safe for my CPU to be?
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  1. Hi.

    The AMD site recommends 63C as max temp, but if ur temp is below 70C ur CPU is safe. Also bear in mind that the temp that u get is only for the test, maybe u don't get that temp 7x24.
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