Can not log in to windows or safe mode

I am using the HP mini 1101, it is a netbook with the OS of window XP. I cannot log in to windows or if ever I use the safe mode, it would give me a blank screen with the words "safe mode" on each sides of the screen. I could not turn it off properly and when I restart it, the same thing happens. The last time that I remembered is that I did an update with Avast, the antivirus that I was using and it is on the trial version. I turned it off just like always. On the next day, when I turned it on, the problem mentioned above happened.

I was wondering, as to what is wrong, is my hard drive damage or it is just the software.

Some of those files in my netbook are also pretty important.

Before this problem occurred, there are times when I was using the internet that the window keeps on refreshing, even if I am not pressing the F5 button.

Also, I have notice that as it starts up, there are some not normal noises that I could hear...

I don't know what to do. PLease help!
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  1. it sounds like you have a virus
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