Ati mobility hd 3470 512MB

Will the ati mobility hd 3470 512 MB graphics card play World of Warcraft Wotlk smoothly? I have read (in customer reviews) that it plays COD4, HL2, Fallout3 and Bioshock well.

The video card I am asking about is installed in this laptop.

ASUS X59SR-A1 NoteBook

I like this laptop because it comes with the O/S disk and driver disks in case of a crash. Also because for the price the video card has 512MB of VRAM.
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  1. It'll do it but there are better laptops out there for the same price. An HD3650 or something GF9600 or higher would be better.

    Even the HD2600 ro GF8600 would be better, memory size doesn't matter that much.

    But that one will do the job, just don't expect to play higher resolutions in games.
  2. my gf has the 3470...and it could barely do them @ 30..only game that ran smooth was source, with AA off, and drops in the 20s...

    The 3470 is a direct competition to Integrated. Its double the frames of integrated...but double of under 15 fps ....welll.... thats not playable for the most part. COD4 need to be reduced to min with a res decrease...CS was run normally.

    left 4 dead ran 15 fps...soo yeah
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