Ok i just got a new GTX 285 from my 9800gx2 since it broke and was still in warranty, but then my overclock reset when i installed it and i cant get it back to normal now :(

Above is a screen shot of my 3d mark before and after.

Also i never changed the memory so whys that different too? My pc seems way slower now and i have a 750w PSU

Please help cheers
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Like I can see in the 1st benchmark ur CPU was OC but in the 2nd one isn't. I think that this could be the source of ur low score.
  2. Well it's a bit wierd that your CPU OC reset. I guess the defaults got loaded. If you didn't reset the CMOS or have the CMOS battery die, then you should be able to reload the OC profile in the BIOS assuming you saved it. If not, you'll just have to manually OC it again.
  3. If people would please read before posting I KNOW its reset i already said that, its bugged up even if i reset it in bios it still gets less marks then default clocks so something is bugged up.

    The card runs games fine, the ones ive tried atm all on max with no problems at all but in 3d marks its kinda low :\

    Also the fan stays at 50% all the time in GPUZ even at 72C its 50% it never goes above is this normal?

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