Vid card upgrade

So i'm considering upgrading my video. Right now im running 2 evga 8800 gts in sli. pcix16 now im wondering can i run pcix16 2.0 or do i need to upgrade my mobo too?

amd 3.2 dual core
8 gig corsair xms
2 evga 8800gts 320 SLI
320 gig hd western digital
700 watt ocz psu
cooler master case
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  1. The PCI-E version is hardwired into the MB, so the only way to upgrade from 1.0/1.1 to 2.0 is to change the MB.
    But, do n`t worry about PCI-E 2.0. Right now there are few cards that can really push PCI-E 1.0 or 1.1, let alone 2.0.
    What are you planning on upgrading to, and what is the resoloution of your monitor?
  2. ok so let me ask it a different way. are the pcix 16 2.0 backwards compatible? will they run on my mobo?

    my resolution is 1600x1050
  3. Yes, any PCI-E card will run in any PCI-E slot as long as the card will physically fit.
  4. regardless of the version ?
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