3.0ghz p4 or 3.6ghz p4

I have a Dell 5150, Pretty good computer , not super jam but does what I use it for, 4 years old, maxed mem. power supply . 4830 ATI graphics, processor works fine, Although at 4 years old may go kerphlunk soon, I have a 500 GB WD Black HDD, also, OK so my question is if I aquire a nother processor and get a 3.6ghz p4 same core and 90nm etc. how much performance difference is there?? I was told there would be significant evrything , although not much from a 3.0ghz 3.2 or 3.4 , My Mbord can handle the 3.6, and its hard to find the benchmarks, for me it is ,haha. can anyone help please?
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  1. There would be roughly a 17% increase or ~6% for every 200mhz increase. However if you kept all your parts and got a new motherboard, ram, and cpu u would see a +400% increase by getting a quad. Or a dual core at 2ghz would give u a +200% increase.
  2. Thank you and that might be cheaper altogether ,and duh on me I just looked on this site and got all the benchmarks.

    What type Mbord would you suggest?? I just need something to keep up with games and all that and do everything else well also without too expensive, ASUS are good , will it fit in a Dell??

    Thanks for the reply.
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