What motherboard would best suit me?

hi everyone...

my computer set up would be:

- cooler master haf rc932 = case
- 1 or maybe 2 9800gtx 1gb, or even in the future 1 or 2 gtx 295 = graphics card
- 4gb ddr2 ram (don't know what to choose 800, 1000, 1600ghz) = ram
- currently 13'' monitor but in the future 22'' or 26' = monitor
- 2 1tb hard drives

my problem is i don't know what motherboard would best suit me which means a motherboard that can support my needs (list above) but also be worth the price can't be too expensive. I was hoping under $200 Australian dollars.

The reason why i don't want a expensive motherboard is that end of this year or next year i was hoping to spend my money on a very good motherboard that can support i7 series without bugs becasue my friends told me that todays motherboards that can support the i7 series has bugs and i should wait for the series.
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  1. Are you sure you're not someone else on this forum, reposting practically the same stuff? Anyways, like I told the other guy, you should post such a question on the New Build forum. Make sure to read the How to Ask For New Build Advice
  2. -Or on deciding what you plan to use the computer for. Hence, the links.
  3. The current i7 boards are fine - if you're planning on building an i7 anytime soon, it would be a waste to buy a different board now. I'd say build the i7 setup now, rather than wasting money on a temporary computer.
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