Overclocking a phenom 9850

So i'm having an issue overclocking the phenom 9850. I got it to 2.8 and was stable til well trying to run a bunch of stuff then i backed it to 2.7 and its ok. I do remember sometime ago that these processors weren't that easy or successful to OC. I'm just looking for someone if they have gotten more success out of it or not. If you have post here, thanks

Phenom 9850
ASUS m3a32-mvp deluxe
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  1. Is there anyone who can supply me with something. I know when i was looking around i found that these processors were really picky pending on the motherboard and also that some just don't like being OC'ed. I do feel like i should be able to get more out of it since i'm on Liquid Cooling.
  2. Unfortunately, the Agena cores just aren't good clockers, a lot of them struggling to hit 2.8-3GHz, even with obscene amounts of voltage.

    If you have the option, I would update your BIOS to the latest version and purchase a Phenom II CPU. They not only are faster clock-for-clock than the original Phenom, but use less power to do so, and overclock much farther (about 4GHz is the limit on those on air).

    The latest BIOS supports all Phenom II and Athlon II models (X2, X3, and X4), so you have a lot of options available to you, with the least expensive quad core being the Athlon II X4 630 (2.8GHz) at $99.
  3. The trick to the older Phenom 1 cpus was to aim for the 65w editions but like the Phenom 2 65w editions they are extremely rare but worth it over all. I landed a used 8250e on eBay a month ago and so far I have enjoyed it. So let me try to help you out, first what voltage are you using and are you getting any vdrop while under load? Also disable cool & quiet. Also set the ram to a lower speed if you have maxed it out by now as far as ram is concerned.

    265mhz chipset clock
    353 physical ram clock DDR2 rated speed 706mhz (1.825v)
    Current wattage draw at this clock and voltage 90.2w

    Still got a lot of room to grow so I'll keep tinkering around.

    Load pcwizzard and go to the cpu tab then to the frequency tab to see what is the current wattage for your cpu while stock is 125w.
  4. Thanks for your help with this. I will be trying that when i get home in about 2.5 weeks. Had to step away for business, but i will be trying it.

    the last voltage that i tried was 1.45v @ 2.8ghz and had the same issue, load in and the blue screen about 10-20 minutes into it. My ram is set to run at 800mhz which is down from the 1067 that it used to run at. but i will look at that when i do return to my home.

    I have also been looking at the phenom II for a while (the 955 because of how well its been OC'ed) but won't be getting one for a while, maybe next PC build.
  5. Yea I can understand as for jobs it sucks like nothing else just trying to find one. The price of job hunting these days identity theft. :cry: :cry: :cry:

    The voltage is very high but typical for this generation so in the long run a new cpu would be a reasonable choice. As for me I maxed out my base clock with out maxing my 8250e.
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