Does anyone know about the electronics of the motherboard

Does anyone know where can I locate any tutorial on the electronics of the PC motherboard? Thanks.
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  1. Top 10 for Electronics Engineering (2009):

    I could provide better links or book suggestions if I had a better idea of what you were looking for.

    A good general, visual book for beginners is "How Computers Work", it shows the layout of the motherboard as well as explaining other functions such as the BOOT procedure:

    This is an okay reference guide:

    Anyway, I'm not sure what you mean by "tutorial", if you just need to understand enough to build a computer that's fairly easy to answer.
  3. SengLee said:
    Does anyone know where can I locate any tutorial on the electronics of the PC motherboard? Thanks.

    Thanks for all the replies so far. Actually I want to know the electrical aspects of how a motherboard works and not the logical aspects. That is, in terms of the ohms, volts or amperes, etc.

    I hope I am clearer this time. I am only a novice. Thanks.
  4. Hello, Seng Lee. So you want to go from a novice to electronics engineer with at least a Bachelors Degree. Well what ever you do; do "NOT" go poking around your motherboard with a multimeter,or you will probably be replacing it. I went to DeVry in Atlanta for a B.S. in electronics engineering, but I did not graduate, no MONEY. You have a long way to go before you can trouble shoot to component level; but don't get discouraged it's not that hard really, it just takes desire and persistence. there is a lot of math. Actually electronics is all math and abstract concepts. Go on and look up "TAB ELECTRONICS" guide to understanding electricity and electronics. Author: G. RANDY SLONE. ISBN 0-07-136057-3. The book might look abit lame in it's technical depth, but it will get you a strong overall " basic" understanding in electronics theory (circuits) and math. Also purchase Schaum's outlines "BASIC ELECTRICiTY" it concentrates on the mathematics of electricity. Also Google "ARRL" American Radio Relay League. Their electronics technician qualifications are the very one's DeVry teaches. You can get last years ARRL handbook for about $20.00, excellent book for radio schematics and has a tutorial on electronics, BUT, if the book is anything like they used to be you better be pretty good with mathematics. That should help point you in the right direction. Also Google "electronics tutorial". Also Wikipedia.
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