I just recently picked up the game (I wanted to wait a while until all the bugs got fixed), and I just want to know what I have to do to get it running at its best!

I've already got the 180.84 Nvidia driver (is there a newer better 1?)

Also, I read that I can change the .exe file to disable the graphics can this be done?

And finally, is SLI fully supported? when I do a benchmark the result doesn't say that I'm runnin SLI, it only says I have 1 Nvidia 8800GT :s

Also, If anyone's got a few good advices I'd really appreciate them

Thx in advance
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  1. What speeds are you running your Q6600? If it's stock you'll notice a nice improvement if you OC it to say 3.2Ghz or more. just make sure you have a decent cooler. GTA IV is very CPU intensive.
  2. Ye, its OC to 3Ghz, I couldn't go above that for some reason, I think its my ram..

    Anyway, my new dilema is that I want to:

    "add [ -nomemrestrict -norestrictions -novblank -texturequality 2 -percentvidmem 100 ] to Launchgtaiv.exe NOT gtaiv.exe (and run as administrator w/ disable visual theme's...

    These r the steps described by som1 who "unbinded" his vram limitations...everyone on that site seems to understand what to do except me LOL

    If any1 can understand the steps described here and explain, that would be a great help :p
  3. Aight, so I'm basicaly trying to modify the config files and somehow "paste" it on a file called launchGTAiv.exe....

    Any1 have anyt ideas how I can do this??
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