Bios problem i think

Hello, I ran passmark performance test today and scored terrible. I noticed its saying my clock speed is at 2000mhz but the i3 is 2.93 ghz. I checked with cpuz and at idle its showing 1200 mhz x 9 multiplier, 1333 mhz 10 multiplier and when running prime95 it only goes to 2000mhz x 15 multiplier. bus speed is 133mhz, qpi link is 2933 mhz core voltage 1.008V if you need any more info please let me know. Thank you gigabyte h55m-ud2h motherboard
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  1. I have that exact cpu and mobo! What i would do is make sure you have the F8 bios first.

    Anyways the multiplier should be 22.
    I don't know how familiar you are with the bios but its one of the easier ones.
    Get back to me and i'll give you a hand.
  2. hery, i set it to optimized defualts and now it working and the speed and multiplier i good now. one problem im having now is the keyboard and mouise shut off randomly i cant figure it out. Im not sure if its windows or somthing in the bios. When they go off i hear the windows driver sound when you connect and disconnect usb devices. i also have the f8 version of the bios
  3. That will probably be under Control Panel ,System and Security,Power Options
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