Is my PSU going to explode?

I just put a GTS 250 in a system with a 300w generic PSU. I used the 6-pin to 2-molex adaptor to supply the card. It seems to be working fine - I benched it with 3D Mark Vantage and it didn't stumble or reboot or anything.

I know the PSU can just barely supply enough power for the rig, what I want to know is what happens if the PSU fails.

Does it explode? Catch on fire? Simply cease operating? Burn out the motherboard? What's the worst case/most likely scenario?

Here are some more details on the system:

E5200 @ 3.4 ghz cooled by 80mm Thermaltake Thunderblade CPU Fan
7200 RPM 500 GB Seagate HD
2x1 GB 1.8v DDR2/667
GTS 250
92mm Artic Cooling Case fan (from MB header)
Optical USB Mouse
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  1. Best case scenario, if it overloads, the protection circuitry will electronically shut the PSU down, preventing system damage.

    Worst case, it will explode and/or burst into flames taking your motherboard with it.

    Or anything between the two. But because it is a generic, I'm guessing that the manufacturer didn't spend that much on protection and something closer to the latter will happen.
  2. well the system probs is fast for the price u payed for it though it wont last long with that PSU.

    Dont try and save on a PSU. its important in the long term it will cost more getting a crap one.

    If i were u i would by a 500W good brand PSU for say £60 and a Freezer 7pro heat sink around £17 cause ur CPU has been made to overclock like anything
  3. Yup, best case it will just shut down.
    As it is a generic POS, it will likely surge power into your system taking a few other components with it.
    While I doubt it will stay burning, it is entirely possible that it will give you a good fireworks show when it fails.

    I would recommend looking into a QUALITY 450w+ PSU from Corsair, PCP&C, Seasonic, Enermax or the Antec Earthwatts line.
  4. Somehow, I just never get tired of reading about cheap PSUs blowing up and taking out other parts with them.
    Hopefully this one won't though, it will just shut down if overloaded. That's a gamble I wouldn't care to take though. The brands outlw6669 listed would be a good place to start looking for a new one.
  5. Just don't pack it with C4, UNLESS well insured.
    Can not add much, you have been given good advice, Recommend not taking a chance and REPLACE it
  6. It has a non stock cooler on it already that was taken from a Q6600 with 95w TDP, so it's handing this E5200 at 65w no prob - it's stress tested max t-core 65c after 8 hours with Prime95 - at stock volts too!

    I get the impression that while this PSU works now, it will eventually degrade and fail and nuke my system. The only problem is that here in Thailand there are only two kinds of power supplies - featherweight trash (I saw a PSU claiming to be 1000w. It weighed less than a magazine and cost 10 dollars) and expensive imported models. I guess I'll have to go for the import. Too bad they don't have Rosewill here...
  7. FYI, Rosewill is one of the junk brands.
    I would definatly not trust one of their units.
  8. wait till you plqay crysis or something.... yoju'll fry the psuwhich could fry everything else. get a new psu that is about 600 watt.
  9. O.K, I've purchased and installed this PSU:

    It's not DOA and seems to be doing fine. All the cables are sleeved as well. The only thing that bugs me is the the thing seems pretty lightweight...

    In fact, when I was pulling out my old PSU I noticed two things:

    1. It's heavy, for whatever reason.

    2. It claims to do 19 amps on the 12 volt rail.

    Mabye I've made a mistake...
  10. Better safe then sorry
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