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I bought a new mobo and a processor.

Intel® Pentium® Processor E5400
Gigabyte GA-G4M-ES2L

have few qustions,

1.can i overclock this processor using this motherboard?

2.if can,do i need a new cooler for the processor ? or i can overclock with the stock cooler?

3. when my pc boot up,it show's the processor speed as 1700mhz (200x8.5)
and i cheked in the bios also show 1700mhz (200x8.5)
so why it not showing 2.7Ghz?
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  1. Yes, motherboard is GA-
    I hv typed it wrong.

    Thanx for the reply :-):-)
  2. yes, as ZZFH said, both are very overclockable, on stock cooler you can get a moderate overclock, if you opt for an aftermarket cooler than you can go a little higher. Check this link for any questions you might have...

    Happy Overclocking!
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