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I have an msi mobo with 1 gig of ram and an nvidia 8600 gt 256mb. Problem is i wanted to play fallout 3 and it gave me 1 and a half hour of playtime and then it would shut down and the power light would keep blinking I could not turn it on until after unplugging it for 15 seconds or so. Now it hardly gives me 5 mins of playtime before turning off. I have tried overclocking, underclocking, increasing the fan speed with rivatuner, and I have also installed the latest nvidia drivers that were released on 22nd january. Please help me I have tried everything that I can think of, and am very upset, any help would be greatly appreciated. :cry: :cry: :cry:
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  1. Having problems with any other 3d games or just Fallout?
  2. No i don't have problems with other 3d games. I played GRID and it worked fine. I am having problems only with fallout.
  3. it runs on an 8600?!
  4. Get a radeon 4850
  5. Hi everyone... I have the same video card as him and i can't play any 3d games... I'm trying to play WoW, Team Fortress and it just freezes the computer and i have to boot... I tried lots of things and none came to a good result... I'm despair here...
  6. the 8600 is a bad choice for an economy gaming card. i had one for a while and have to say it was kind of pitiful. i could play everything on it but i sure had to ugly it up to play Crysis or UT3. the best advice i can give is look for a new card. if you are budget constrained, the 4850 ...hell even a 4650 ( we are talking 60-80 bucks)would serve you better.
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