Netbook Overclock? What? - YES we can!(I think)

Overclocking-the maximum joy possible(If it works-LOL)

Here is a unusuall expression i came across a while ago and thought it fit to discuss:

(bored+nothingbettertodo)+netbook=a good overclock...Or not

Technically speeking, it can be done, if only slightly, but have we discovered a new age of powerfull little netbooks that will conquer the world? (Mental note to self: Star Wars+ forum=lol)

The simple answer is no, the ram is usually too small (most netbooks ship with only 500mb-1gb) an amount, you could probably create a rival to the Sun because of the heat, and the mobo and CPU will probably beat us to Pluto if we up the voltage!
...But lets say you have a few extra sticks of RAM and a bomb proof shelter lying in your garage, just add a little sprinkle of Liquid Nitrogen, and your'e set to go...(BOOM, maybe - kids dont try this at home)

Or am I totally wrong, and shall I get a facefull of rude insults?

There is proof out there, its called Google. IM NOT LAZY, just not active...

If anyone has any other devices known that can be overclocked, PLZ share it with us
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  1. I don't think any netbook (or most laptops for that matter) will have any of the required settings you can adjust in the bios.
  2. netbook overclocking is ... Dicey

    Thay arent usable Once OCD, Unless you don't mind cooking the family jewels!

    The settings aren't even avalible in most Bioses so... Its pretty much impossible without Enthusiast hardware
  3. Lol, that's insane...

    just a question... could you use that as a laptop?

    didn't think so.
  4. lol
  5. A clear example of, "Just because you can do something doesn't mean you should."
  6. I wonder wat ghz a netbook processor can go up to?
  7. Pentium M's could be overclocked quite nicely, if the board could support 800MHz and the chip FSB was 533.

    It is doable, not easy, and very hit-and-miss. Look up 'pin modding' in Google and you will get a whole host of references to it. I have not yet found anything for mobile Athlon, Turion, or Sempron chips, though there is PLENTY for the mobile Pentium and C2D chips.

    Have fun...
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