8800GT vs 4830 vs 9600GT

Which of the above cards should I buy? I have an AMD 9550 Quadcore at 2.2GHZ. Will it bottleneck any of these cards(8800GT,9600GT,4830)? Will the 8800GT or the 9600GT getter better frames when compared to the 4830 in GTA 4 or Mirrors Edge because these games use PhysX Technology? Otherwise isn't the 4830 better than the 8800GT or the 9600GT? Thanks in advance.....
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  1. a 55nm 9800GT would be a better choice than an 8800GT (same thing just lower power usage)
    i'd take the 9600GT off the list because it only has 64 SPs compared to the 112 of the 9800/8800GT

    if deciding between those two then it's neck and neck, so i'd likely go with the cheaper one
    Tom's benchmarks
  2. I would also take the 9600gt off the list. You are looking at the 9800GT or 4830, the 8800gt was replaced by the 9800gt. I think they both sorta trade punches. If you have an SLI or CF board I would go with whichever you have, it would be easy to drop a 2nd one in later.
  3. I don't think that a 9550 processor will bottleneck any of those video cards. I vote for the 9600GT, it is a budget card but has enough SP to run most games today at high settings. It really depends on the resolution of your monitor. If it is a 20"-22" than the 9600GT is a good choice for the $. However, if you have a 24" or larger LCD than definately go for the 9800GT or 4830.
  4. Power:

    4830 ~(they exchange blows) 8800 GT (9800 GT) > 9600 GT

    Price: lower to higher

    9600 GT < 8800 GT < 4830

    Benefits of 4830:

    55 nm and dx 10.1

    Benefits of 8800 GT:

    Really cheap compared to the 4830

    Benefits of 9600 GT:

    Cheaper than both solutions and more enegry efficient.
  5. I'd like to that liquid the 4830 inherit the features of his elders audio out thru HDMI free AA in some games excellent encoding decoding ect.
  6. ok well since everyone hasn't bothered to ask what res he's playing at, i will. if you're using anything less than a 22" get the 9600GT. if you're using a 22" get the 8800GT/9800GT (assuming you're playing mirror's edge. if not get the 4830)

    4850 or a 4870 for a 24" imo. GTX 260 for mirros edge
  7. cyber_jockey said:
    I'd like to that liquid the 4830 inherit the features of his elders audio out thru HDMI free AA in some games excellent encoding decoding ect.

    I haven't seen any free AA so I'm not mentioning it...thats just a theory, it hasn't been seen. The only time I saw free AA was when i switched from the 9800 GX2 to the 280 GTX, and there was not frame impact after turning up the AA.

    The 4830 perfoms like the 8800 GT, they exchange blows and thats it. The 4830 has more of a future because of DX 10.1, but other than that, the cheaper card should be the winner.

    plus he said games not decoding:P
  8. The HD4830 can be had for even less then the 9600GT.
    Only 85 bucks after rebate, while the cheapest 9800GT is $105 after rebate.
  9. The cards are comparable in performance, and probably appropriate for your cpu. Don't sweat the minor differences.

    To simplify installation, I would stick with nvidia or ati, whichever you already have. No driver clean up and removal will be necessary.

    I would also look for one with a dual slot cooler if possible. It will eject the hot vga air out the back of the case, instead of recirculating it. This keeps both the vga card and the cpu cooler. One looks like this:
  10. Yes the 4830 is a better card when all things are considered,
    I agree with everyone about scratching the 9600. Dont know if you have considered overclocking at all but the reviews i have seen show that the 4830 can be overclocked to near enough the same level as a 4850 so as far as overclocking goes, its the better card.
    Free AA isnt: its something people who didn't understand the concept properly just took and ran with when the specs came out.
    I will disagree with people on screen size, What i would say is that a 19" screen to a 22" screen will be fine for which ever card you choose, (remember we scratched the 9600). If you are running a 24" or bigger you need something better, 4870 type cards

  11. 4830 is faster IMO, and don't forget it's amazing oc capabilities, can get up to 4850 speed or more if your careful.

    I've heard some good things about the 8800GT/9800GT, but don't bother with the 9600GT.
  12. If he does go with the 4830, which manufacturers are best to buy from? Newegg has a really good deal on an Asus 4830 for $75 and free shipping:
    Does Asus have good cooling and customer support?
  13. 9800gt > 8800gt > 4830 > 9600gt
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