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Pentium M780 stuck at 660mHz

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June 4, 2010 3:20:02 PM

Hello, I am new at this. Heres the sitch. My laptop is an Alienware M5700. Chipset is i915gm/pg. Cpu is now a Pentium M780 2.26 ghz(used to be a celeron). 2x512MB PC2-4300 memory. GPU Nvidia Geforce 6800.

My issue is that using CPU-Z my core speed is maxing out at 660 MHz with fsb at 110 Mhz (thats with the fan on). With the fan off its at 800 Mhz with fsb at 133.3 MHz. My cpu voltage is at 0.796 V , thats really low since the Pentium M 780's voltage range is at 1.260-1.404v. Also with the fan off, my cpu would jump occasionally to 2.2GHz for like 2 seconds with the cpu voltage hitting 1.38v then back down to 800MHz.
I even changed my memory to 2x1Gb PC2-4300 from my Toshiba and its still the same.

I have been up reading into forums for 2 nights now and I am really at a loss. I even tried overclocking it with setfsb and it doesnt run with my chipset and or the application is block by symatec endpoint protection and listed it as a trojan virus and wont let me run it. Now, I am not to sure if I should turn off my antivirus and run it and see if it works. Also, clockgen doesnt work for my laptop and cpuid also took it down from their site.

Anyhelp or advice will do. I have vested so much time and effort in my laptop that I dont want it to seem it was a waste of time and money. (had to replace the motherboard and that alone took 5 hours)

Thank you in advance

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June 6, 2010 11:57:48 PM

Okay, new info. I read through the .pdf manual, it turns out that the tech support for Alienware have no clue what they are saying. I was told my laptop can handle the M780, turns out it can only handle the M770. Lesson learned, when asking tech support, call back again and ask the same question, if the answers dont add up, then something is up. I would've saved time and money if I would just read the manual before hand.