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Hey guys, wanting to get some input about a possible raid 0 setup i would like to get. I've had my WD Black 640 for about 4-5 months now, flawless no problems. I've been hearing about problems with this drive, but truthfully i haven't seen a single problem, yet. But i am an avid gamer/enthusiast, and i was wondering if it would be worth putting 2 of these in raid 0. The drive is quite fast, about 150-200mb/s read, and write times i really dont care about, im going mainly for gaming/general performance. Just wondering if i would see a difference in games/boot times/load times.

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  1. I've read threads that say Games really don't benefit from RAID 0, nor SSD's.

    Boot times/Load times would be faster, but not double (or halved). My 2 x Seagate 7200.11 500GB RAID 0 array only gets scores approching yours; avg. ~150reads. (I'll check).
  2. You might see a boost for games that rape the page file and when recording with FRAPS but that will be it besides when loading games. If you are just looking for extra storage then get a decent Caviar blue 640gb or better to use as a junk storage drive. avoid the Caviar greens they got issues. I got 3 drives in my wifi rig (2x ide 1x sata) 640gb caviar (boot & game) while the other rig its 3x sata that I swap around depending if I want to run 32bit or 64bit os (vista ult). Those Re2 drives are some what odd. $34 for a 500gb = good deal :P
  3. Yeah, i was really impressed with the read times on this WD 640 black, really impressive for just a single drive
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