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Recently, i found that i PC can not send files from Pen Drive to My Document or the other way round, When i right click the file with the "Send To", it show only: 1)3 1/2 Floopy(A:) 2) CD-RW Drive(F:) and 3)Removable Disk(G:) but no My Computer, How do I fix iT, Thank
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    Learn how to do more with your computer.

    Start>All Programs>Accessories>Windows Explorer

    Click your pen drive and select files to be copied

    Click your system drive "My documents folder and click Paste.

    Some things you have to do yourself sometimes.

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  3. Actually what i mean is that, when i send files from my pen drive to my document folger or from my document folder to Pen drive. when we right click on the file, it will show a window and will show what you want to do with yhe file, delete, copy or SEND, when i pointed on the send demand , it does not show "my Document" so i can not sent file to my document. i have try the same pen drive with another Pc but it nothng wrong with the pen Drive, I think it shoud be some seting problem with the PC's document folder or other , how to rectify? Thank you
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