New at Windows 7. Need help!

I just installed my new windows 7 and i kinda screw up somehow when parting my HDD into 2, one with OS and one with games, music and such. I got a 1TB HDD and i only see the C: drive, is there any way i can make a D: drive with the rest of the HDD's space on?
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  1. The D: drive needs to be formatted for Windows to see it.

    To do that, go to: Start/Computer/Right-Click/Manage/Choose Disk Management in the left pane/Click in the unallocated part of the drive in the graph/right click/(Choose "Add Simple Volume" if needed/Right-Click/)Choose format.

    I think these steps are right. :sarcastic:
  2. Thanks alot, you solved my problem :D
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