Asus EAH 4870 1gig Crashing???

For Some reason all the games that i play on my Game just starts crashing?

I played Crysis For like 10 minutes and it crashed. i played The fear 2 demo and it crashed? WTF?

Seriously need some help. i download the drivers for my Gpu Witch are 8.523.

Wtf is going on??? Its really buging me Need help quick.


I think my OS Is Windows Xp Pro 32bit. I think its 32 not sure.
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  1. Check the temps, and a suggestion would be to get Rivatuner to crank up the fan speed.
  2. what brand and size of power supply are you using? are you sure that the card is getting enough power? an underpowered card would crash out alot....
  3. ONLY use ATI drivers............forget asus drivers
  4. I just finished installing the ATI drivers for my ASUS EAH4870 (1 GB) and it's working great! ASUS is pathetic when it comes to providing software and firmware updates, because built-in-obsolescence is their middle name.
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