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Will someone right a sticky for the commonly asked question: "Where is my hard drives other partition", or "Windows doesn't see my hard drive" ???

They always need to format the drive, and I tell them the following:

To do that, go to: Start/Computer/Right-Click/Manage/Choose Disk Management in the left pane/Click in the unallocated part of the drive in the graph/right click/Choose "New Simple Volume" (if needed/Right-Click/)Choose format.

Will someone also check my steps? I'm not on my own computer right now, but I'll check at home, as I have a drive with unallocated/unformatted space.

If no one wants to tackle this, how do I get it to a "sticky?' I'd be glad to get the "badge" for writting a "tutorial," but how does one do that?

Thank You.
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  1. Your method is correct (for Windows 7). I believe it will work for XP and Vista but I think you have to go through the Admin link in your Control Panel.

    As for a "sticky", there are no more stickies as we know it. There are now just links placed into a "Master Sticky" created by Randomizer for reference. This keeps the forum clean looking and all of the required resources in one location. As for getting this placed in the "Master Sticky", I would PM Randomizer and provide him the link and feedback on this being added.

    I say since you have requested and started, you might as well complete the process. Also, you don't get a "badge" for writting a tutorial. No one knows how you get that "badge" or why it is even there. :) It might be something that is avialable in the future, who knows.
  2. Thanks tecmo34!

    I think I will work on it. Give me a week or so to fine tune it.

    I'll test XP first (ya, I have a PC w/XP on it!) Vista should be same a 7, and I can check that too, on my Mom-in-law's laptop.
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