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I had a quick question that I was hoping you guys could help me out with; I couldn't really find anything useful by googling. Essentially, I have both a desktop PC with a nvidia geforce 8800gts and a laptop (dell latitude d620). Ideally, I'd like to set up a dual display using my laptop as an extra monitor. Now, my 8800 has two DVI ports and one HDTV-S-video port, with my primary monitor using one of the DVI ports. The laptop has two VGA ports on the back, one male and one female (Dsub 15pin). Is there a cable that would connect my extra DVI output from my PC to the correct VGA port on my laptop to allow me dual-screen capability? Or are laptops only configured to OUTput VGA signals?
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  1. The male connector on your notebook is not a VGA port, it's an older serial port.

    Unless you have a TV tuner in your notebook, there isn't a way to drive your notebook's screen by anything other than the notebook itself.
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