P5nsli - Nforce 570 with Kingston V+ ssd - no joy

Anyone have any ideas how to get my p5nsli to talk to the Kingston SNVP325 sdd I bought? Spent a couple hours on phone with tech support - not sure they know any more than I do. Best I've gotten is it to recognize my 64g drive as an 8m one. I run XP pro
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  1. You may have to contact Asus, via email, and ask them does the chipset or bios for that board support SS drives.
    Good Luck
  2. Frankly, if nobody here can point me to drivers, or a work around I'm thinking about adding a PCI-e SATA controller card if that'll solve the problem.

    Though part of the problem is I want to use this as a boot drive, and I'm not sure if that's possible unless I turn off the MB controllers, so I'll probably need a card that can handle 4 drives.

    Nobody local seems to sell them, but I can get one on ebay for roughly $35.
  3. After researching appropriate sata cards, I decided it would make more sense to upgrade the MB to a P5Q Pro Turbo. Besides handling the SSD, it'll give me a faster pci-e connection to my video card.
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