Phenom II 965 Overclocking

Hi, I overclocked my cpu stable at 4ghz, however, it states the voltage is 1.1 something. Other people were reaching this at about 1.5 volts, so this isn't right. Is it because I left the voltage option set to auto or something? If I set the multiplier higher than 20.5, the check after the asus screen will say cpu overvolt! or something like that. I've tried setting the voltage manually, but I couldn't get into Windows doing that.

Here's a picture:

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  1. Ohh I see, thanks. I'm new to this, as you obviously know :p. I'm in Windows at 1.45 volts now, gonna try Prime 95 first, since that program you posted is apparently even more stressing, then keep increasing until it's stable (I think that's what I do? lol).
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