QUICK QUESTION about graphics cards

So i have a E521 Dell desktop and i am curious if it will run a 8600GT graphic card?

This is the link for the specs on my computer.

http://www.dell.com/content/produc [...] l=en&s=dfh

Thank you

oh and whats better DVi or VGA for hooking up your monitor to your computer???
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  1. The link you posted doesnt work and i carnt find the exact model.
    but the only real limitation as far as a new cards concerned is what slots are available PCIE or AGP an 8600GT isnt a very big card so your case isnt an issue and it doesnt need any extra power to it either so it should be fine.
    DVI is the new standard and if your monitors VGA there may well be some converting plugs with the card anyhow.
    just shop around they should be giving away cards of that spec relatively speaking.
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