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Help choosing a cpu

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March 26, 2009 3:11:53 PM

At the moment I'm using an e7300 2.66 GHz processor.

I wanted to upgrade to a quad core. I was thinking of getting either a q9400, q9550 or a q9650.

I don't want to overclock because my motherboard doesn't have good overclocking options.

I mainly use my pc for gaming, photo editing, recording tv and internet. I know the q9400 is fine for all of this but if I did get the q9550 or the q9650 would this speed up stuff like load times or should I just use the extra money to put towards an ssd.

Would be grateful for any help and suggestions.

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March 26, 2009 4:42:23 PM

Personally i dont see much point upgrading ur CPU is good and unless u do loads od video encoding or play loads of games that use a quad core then u wont see a preformance bost. if i were u i would take the money saved up for it all ready place in the bank and wait a few years to make a core i5/i7 system and wait till the quads get fully utiliesd

only my opinion
March 26, 2009 5:46:36 PM

I would spend your money on a better motherboard and overclock. The e7300 will overclock well and beats most of the quad cores in games like X3 - Terrain conflict ( only the q9650, overclock q6600 and obviously i7's being better).

e7300 will get a much higher total overclock than any quads - maybe not the q9650

You dont need quads for what you do on your computer.