Need some answers about memory

i need some help x.x pretty new to computers, anyway,

do the the speeds (1066, 1333) represent how fast a memory stick can analyze RAM?/

how do you over clock memory

and how does over clocking affect your memorys life?

Also, which memory stick would someone recommend for a X58 board? possibly over clockable
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  1. 1. Memory sticks don't analyze RAM, they are the RAM. The numbers represent the speed of the RAM, meaning how fast it can send data to where it is needed.

    2. go to bios and set multiplier to higher multiplier. like 100x8 to 100x10

    3. doesn't affect it alot good ventilation can keep it running a normal lifespan.

    4. DDR3 (1333 or more)
  2. ahh, yes thank you! that does clear up a bit, for the last question, is there any memory stick that is often recommended or often used? something that is well known for its power or quality
  3. I like Corsair memory - I've had good luck with it.
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