OK, I understand, now wat?


I am a hardcore gamer, thats that-no questions asked.

Now wat?

I have: XFX ATI Radeon 5770
: Intel core 2 quad q9300 @ 2.5GHZ
: Gigabyte G31M-ES2C
: Thermaltake M9D
: Gigabyte ODIN 720w
: 500gb HDD
: Windows Vista Home Premium

It just doesnt do it...

I have to play games on 1050p, not 1080p like I want, and even then I dont get propper preformance

Solution= Overclock
...but, my MOBO is blerrie restrictive with NO bios overclocking features- AT ALL!!!
So now wat? I was looking at Core I7 as an answer, with a new MOBO and RAM(I only have 2gb DDR2 now!)
But which one? I was aiming at about 4-4.5 GHZ(BUT more is BETTER!!!) on air cooling(Just for now, come Christmas Ill get Liquid Cooling), But which combination will make me happy? I heard that the 920 is quite a good overclocker(Am I wrong?), but on which MOBO and RAM?

I was also looking for a new graphics card, or should I just put mine in CrossFire?

Also PLZ note that this must be BUDGET, so No " wat 'bout a EXTREME I7-980x" PLZ!!!

But just for now, does ANYONE know how to overclock with my MOBO?

ANY help WILL be appreciated!!!
LOL :bounce:
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  1. I would suggest making a thread in homebuilt for your new build ideas, youll get more response in there mate, and 4Ghz+ on air is going to be a push tbh anyway, youll be needing that Water setup :P
    See you in homebuild section
  2. Just read your comment on another thread, never mind about the advice I was going to give you.
  3. Was that at me or the Op Rj? I are confused :P
  4. Motopsychojdn said:
    Was that at me or the Op Rj? I are confused :P

    No, not at you, the OP commented on another thread where I've been trying to convince another noob who has his i7 920 computer overclocked to 4.0Ghz on STOCK COOLING that it was a really bad idea on many threads (he's finally getting a cooler now) and the OP told me to "shut up" without having a clue what the thread and history was. That's why I deleted my comments on how he could have a great computer that would more than get him by for $300 and posted what I did.

    Sorry for the confusion Motopsychojd.
  5. Dont worry Motopsychojdn, hes talking to me... RJR sais hes from Jersy, and so his rude comments that he cooks up are excusable. What is America coming to?(not that is a totally bad place) anyway, lets not get sidetracked here. I placed this thead in the overclocking forum because of my soon to be new hardware will be directly linked to overclocking in the end, so the parts must be overclocked "approved". I will place a thread in the "homebuilt" in due course, but i was just wondering what configuration would suit me best!

    Sorry about not telling you this earlier, for I was buisy @ work!

    PS: RJR, maybe you should just look at the avatar you use for a few moments before you post replys to others. Just calm down, and dont let your anger get the better of you. Jus try it! It works!


    thanks for the advice Moto!!
  6. lol the same time?
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