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Hello Guys,
I tried running a diagnostics test on my HDD (dell PC) and it said Drive 0: Fail - Return Code 7. Does this mean my HDD is failing for certain? my PC still boots up on occasion although it freezes constantly and I tried most of the tests mentioned in the sticky up top. I am considering buying a new HDD and using the software provided by WD or Seagate to copy my old HDD. If I do this, will my new HDD become damaged in anyway since the drive I am copying from is damaged? Also, i am assuming copying my old HDD is a relatively simple procedure (i.e pop the new one in the second slot & run software) or is it more complicated?
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  1. You should download and run the manufacture of your hard disk diagnostic software from their web site. This will tell you for sure if the hard disk is faulty and in some cases can even fix a faulty hard drive.
  2. well, i have all my important files copied already (movies, music, docs etc.). My question was about making an exact copy of my old HDD onto my new HDD so that I don't have to worry about installing windows and some programs, drivers etc. Will doing this damage my new HDD? and is it a simple process?
    thanks for the responses!
  3. As far as the test goes, I am running a diagnostic test from the utility partition on my Dell desktop.

    2 types of errors have been detected.
    One was on the hard drive: a read error on one block

    the other was a video memory test error: failure while reading writing video memory. its says it expected to read one thing (FFFFFFFFh) but read something else instead (FBFFFFFFh). this happens with different resolutions.

    ANY SUGGESTIONS WOULD HELP!! since I don't know if I should buy a HD, video card or something else.
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