GPU or nforce problem ?

OK ... i just installed my brand new swiftech WC. (APEX ultra)

Putting everyting back in place with Distilled water and PT nuke. CARREFULLY filling it. Tilting till no more air. Just one LIL drop followed from the top off my case to the bottom, and one LIL drop on the back of the GPU but wipped it as soon as i saw it. I had removed my Nforce Cooler cause its kinda hot when i game. so i took it off, cleaned it and back on whit new Thermal paste.

Waited about 2hrs before turing it back ON and DAHHHHH ... Windows show up and boom lotta weird colored pixel... i can see that its my windows .. but whit tonns of weird color pixel with some alignement.

After restarting, i took a lok at the bios, NB v was 2.85 v ???? WTF ! its supposed to be 1.5 no ? took everything to normal, redone my OC to 3.6ghz, started again and finally windows run, but NO games ... even trying to use Nvidia monitor mess the whole thing up. Weird colored pixel and now CPU restart after 10 sec when this happen.

Windows run smooth ... 1650x1080 ..... :(

its similar to this.

cant run ANY games ... i installed an OLD 7600GS that worked correctly if we can say that ...

P5N32e sli +
9800GTX+ SC
2x2gb G-skil Pi-black
600W TT toughpower.
XP64 pro

THX alot guyz !
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  1. well ... :(

    Just redonne my OC, resetted everything to be SURE theres nothing somewhere in the bios messed up. 3.6 ghz ... runs fine ! Have a 80mm fans splashing to the NB, temp are good.

    But STILL this anoying Color Pixel freeze :'( as soon as i start a game or even opening nView... i can inspect mobo-ram-cpu but if i click the GPU button ... COLOR PIXEL like the pix above all over the screen. :'(

    GPU temp is fine ... a dead GPU ?
  2. the 7600GS works fine? if so, then i'm going to have to say you fried your card.
  3. IM currently listenning video (youtube) .. windows .. etc everytings run ! but not the games .. the cards messs only with games ?!?!
    and application that need acces direct to the card ... thats what making think about nforce ?
  4. Is your vid card OCed?
    Mine looks like that when I turn the memory clock up to high.
  5. no, its an SC version, running stock ... i already OCed it, but its running stock for a month.
  6. OK. the 7600gs just ran TF2 for about 10-15 min without a fail .. :( i think my 9800GTX+ is DEAD !

    Ill go to futurshop tomorow to exchange the card. i still have the bill and have the card for less than a year. I think they could change it ;)
  7. hmm, my dads FX 5200 just died. lolz. back to onboard video.

    DX problem? drivers?
  8. i gived my FX5200 to a friend ;)

    Your problem can be anything else, your sure its the GPU ?
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