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Hey guys, I was wondering if the Cooler Master Hyper 101 is a good replacement for a Phenom II X4 945 C2 stock cooler. I don't plan to OC any time soon and I can pick this up at my local hardware store for about $10 after tax. What do you guys think????

Here is the product page.
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  1. I know its kind of late but yes you should, the hyper 101 is a great upgrade, you can also ad a second fan to it for superior cooling, its a cooler and would be a good choice, its futureproof incase you do choose to overclock XD
  2. Well I'm looking to buying this cooler for my phenom 955 BE C3.

    Now I'm using awful computer case, so it's not ventilated very well. So I definetly need proper cooler,but as now hyper212 cost has raised I'm looking at this one.

    How it perform on 955? What about any oc? Or it's too weak to be fitted in a case with an awful airflow?
  3. I wouldn't use a cooler recommended for 95WTDP max for cooling a 140WTDP cpu.
    A CM Hyper TX-3 would be fine if you don't oc.
    Otherwise buy a 212+ for optimum price/performance ratio.
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