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OK so my previous post yielded what I thought would be a great computer but after reviewing the specs of my final build with my IT guy at work fellow WOW player he said it was overkill. So I'm asking any fellow forum reader who happens to be good with computer building and the benchmarks for WOW how can I play at full FPS on a 26in LCD monitor with my graphics maxed out. Thanks in advance was also thinking about an alienware computer but hear mixed reviews about those computers so idk.
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  1. Go with the over kill!
    26in monitor, are You kidding?You will need a top of the line grapics card.IMO
    Also ,dont be cheap with power supply.700w min, IMO
    And of course its a bitch to change mother boards,get the best You can afford its the hart of Your rig.
    You can always upgrade cpu,ram,hdds etc skrimp there if You must.
  2. lol..i bet Your it guy from work is still running windows98.
  3. lol ultimate machine for wow = meh mechine for other games.

    What res are you going to be playing on?
    What is your budget?

    If you are only going to be playing wow you really don't need a very powerful machine at all, it isn't a very demanding game (unless wotlk changed everything, i haven't played for a while so i wouldn't know)
  4. The Ultimate machine for WoW is anything built in the last 2 years. LOL

    However, if you want to push an MMO like WoW on a 26inch monitor (assuming max resolution) you'll want a good video card.

    Personally, if you're going to build a new computer right now, you'd be silly not to build something "over kill" for WoW. If you build a system that can simply handle WoW, you'll regret it later when you buy a new game in the near future....

    Like Lumpy said though, DO NOT skimp on your Power Supply. There's a HUGE difference between quality power supplies, and cheap power supplies. I'd get something 650W or higher as far as wattage goes. Corsair, Antec are good brand names you can trust. If you ever want to run multiple video cards (Crossfire or SLI) you'll need to further research your power supply to make sure it has enough amperage, etc.

    And as far as motherboards go, get something that'll be ready for future upgrades. The worst thing you can do is buy a cheap, older generation motherboard, and later decide you need a CPU upgrade, and realize you have to buy a new CPU, Motherboard, and Memory (cost you a ton more all the sudden).

    All in all I'd suggest:

    1) Buy a Core 2 Duo or Core 2 Quad Intel CPU
    2) Buy a Socket 775 Motherboard (preferably Intel based)
    3) Buy DDR2 PC6400 (800Mhz) RAM (Corsair, OCZ, Crucial brands)
    4) 650W+ Powersupply from name brand
    5) Video Card: ATI HD4850 (or higher) or 9800GTX+ (or higher)

    Anything less than these, and you're setting yourself up for a near future upgrade to be frank. Especially if you want to push that 26inch monitor at high resolution.
  5. Others are correct that a 26" is overkill on WOW. A 22" screen with an 8800 will display 2 full sessions (2 accounts, Dual-box on 1 computer). RAM and HD Speed are taxed more than a GPUl Could you link your build?
  6. Parts look good. What monitor did you end up picking?
  7. Soyo 26" Widescreen LCD Monitor (DYLM26E6) not top of the line but im picking it up for $225 brand new couldn't beat it.
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