System won't boot up using old hard drive

I just put together a new system with an ASUS motherboard and AMD 6000+ chip....the system will not boot up with the old hard drive installed, but will boot up as soon as I install a new hard drive. I really would like to utilize the old drive because it has my Windows XP Pro and all of my gaming files etc. on it. Any suggestions on how I can use the old hard drive on the new build? The hard drive's are identical i.e. the old HDD and the new HDD are both Western Digital 300 gb/ ata serial drives. Does something have to be removed from the old hard drive first so that it will boot up?

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  1. You won't be able to use an old install of XP with new parts in mpost cases. If you have the Window CD then you can either repair or re-install XP. Safest bet is to format and start over. Sounds like you have a CD, so try a repair.
  2. What MB was the old drive connected to before? If the MB's were close to the same then maybe a Windows repair will work but most times you need to do a new install of the OS and install the drivers for the new MB.
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