BFGTech 9800GT problem

I bought bfgtech 9800gt 512MB factory overclocked on 31st Oct 08. Im running the card on a asus p5n-d motherboard with 2gb of PC6400 memory on xp pro. Ive got an xclio case with a 36cm fan built on the side so cooling isnt the issue + case fans. Since then Ive had an unusual graphics mash up problem whilst playing games.

basically I can play a game for 1 minute and the problem happens or sometims I can play for hours and hours and then it happens.

Ive tried old Nvidia driver, the latest Nvidia drivers, bios update, chipset update, motherboard update, I even went out and bought vista ultimate and installed on 2nd hdd to dual boot vista and xp but problem still exists on vista.

Ive included some urls to pics of the issue whilst playing world of warcraft but this does happen playing other games too.

Im lost not knowing what else to try Im quite technical but this ones got me puzzled a bit. any advice would be great.
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  1. more info :

    Basically what happens is randomly the graphics go all messed up on screen the entire screen freezes and I have reboot the pc. The screen just stays messed up until i reboot.
  2. The issue happens atleast once a night but on a typical saturday playing it can happen 6-7 times over a few hours. As u can imagine its beginning to really annoy me.

    both OS xp and vista are 32 bit versions. Im consideirng sending it back as faulty if I cant solve it soon
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