Setting up RAID 0 on Dell M6400

Firstly I'm sorry if any of this seems extremely obvious but this is my first experience of configuring a RAID set up.

I have recently purchased a reconditioned Dell m6400 that has come with 2 250gb hard drives and Vista pre-installed. It currently has no RAID configuration.

I have purchased a copy of Windows 7 pro and would like to upgrade the operating system and configure the 2 hard drives into a RAID 0 configuration.

I have viewed these two youtube videos that have been really helpful

and believe that I can go through the various menus and configure the RAID 0 setup fairly comfortably however once I get to the windows install screen I am completely baffled by the drivers option? Where exactly can I get the correct drivers from for my machine? Do the drivers relate to your hard drives or your computer? I have taken a look on the Dell website here

but have no idea what drivers I will need. I have included a photo of my RAID setup screen that shows details of my hard drives etc..

Any help would be really appreciated as you can probably tell I am fairly new to this and am reluctant to go head first into something if it will result in me messing up my computer. A step by step fools guide to setting this up would be really helpful to me.

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  1. I am at work right now, and all streaming video is blocked, so I cannot see the videos on the links you posted.The drivers you may need are the RAID divers for your SATA controller. The drives themselves need nothing, everything is handled by the SATA controller.
    Win 7 should have the drivers, it should find the array, and install the drivers during install. Having to deal with 3rd party drivers for SATA controllers, and RAID setups kind went away after XP, Vista and Win 7 will contain the proper drivers for most configurations. As I said MOST. So, just try it and see. You may not have an issue at all. If you do, then we can deal with it when it arises.
    There are a couple of things you need to do after you create the array.

    Exit The RAID BIOS.

    Go back into the regular BIOS, and now the array will show up as a drive in the regular BIOS. You usually have to set the RAID array as "storage" or "bootable" If you set it as "bootable" then it will appear in the list of boot options, and you must then be sure your boot order is correct.
  2. Thanks jitpublisher,

    I'll give this a go over the weekend and let you know how I get on.

    Many thanks for taking the time out to reply to my question.
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