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My brother had a Dell computer and wanted to upgrade video card but he have a btx case with 4 1/2 " ( hard to put a 8800gts in there )So i decided to get a new board with a new cpu but keeping the hard drive. Now i installed all doesn't want to boot into vista blue screen pop up and too fast to read anything. I wanted to go into Boot safe mode but there not even a boot safe option just BOot Normal and Boot diagnostic too that search for error and (try) to fix it. So i guess need to reformat or there a way to get really in safe boot mode ?
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  1. If You upgraded Yor mother board You will need to reinstall Your operating system.
    Or use some transfer software,I dont know much about that really,sorry.
    If You dont care about loseing all data on Your hdd,then just reinstall windows..Fresh and clean ummmm

    I also wonder if dell will let You upgrade?Ive herd the dell copy of xp wants a dell m/b or no go.
    you may need a diff non dell opperating system.not sure about this..but.
  2. That not true because i changed my board on my own computer recently and all went okay they just asked me to reactivate clicked yes and succes ( i have oem version too )
  3. Thats good
  4. Actually i tried safeboot key it load till the file crcdisk.sys stall for 2sec then blue screen related to C: something
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