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So this is my first time posting to this forum. Ive always been interested in building computers but until the past few years its been merely an interest that hasn't moved past software expertise. 2 years ago I had my computer guy build me a new system and I was very involved with most of the component choices. the end product looked like this:

Case: crappy no name case
PSU: 600W unknown brand
Motherboard: intel DG33BU
CPU: Intel Q9450 2.66Ghz
Ram: 4gb (2 x2gb)(Avant-???) DDR2 800
GPU: GeForce 9600 GT
Optical: 2 dvd-RW DL (lite-on & LG)
1 WD7500AAKS 7200 RPM

Anyway Since then ive found an old Dell precision workstation 340 with a broken MB that I replaced to use at school. Recently I made some changes to my system mentioned above by replacing a broken PSU with a Corsair 650W and a Lian Li 7Fn case also have a CM hyper 212 plus cpu heatsink on the way. however with my ultimate goal of beginning to dabble in overclocking my Intel motherboard is too simplistic to allow any overclocking adjustments. Could you suggest a good motherboard in the $100.00 or less range that would be good for a noob to do some introductory overclocking (would like a stable system with 3.2-3.6 Ghz) also anything I might be missing such as ram requirements would be helpful too., Im extremely new to this. I would like to also buy another 2gb DDR2 eventually.

sorry for the long post
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  1. Hi timop
    was wondering if you could give me some advice too
    im having the same kind of problem

    im looking for a mobo to replace my Foxconn P43A(-S) (because of the lame OC capabilties)

    i got a Q9550 and a GTX 260 not planning on SLi

    using DDR2 800 atm preferably still be using that with the new moboand i would rather not be buying some new RAM but when needed its needed...
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