What's a good PSU?

I am replacing my dead video card with a GeForce 9800GTX+ and have a Q6600 quad processor. According to XFX, I need to upgrade my 400w PSU to at least 630w. I need recommendations for a good power supply. I suspect my old power supply may have caused my dead video card. Thanks for any help you can offer.
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  1. budget?
  2. Sorry, should have mentioned that I'm looking to spend less than $150. Thanks.
  3. Here is a website to have a look at.... http://www.eggxpert.com/forums/thread/323050.aspx Choose from the top 2 tiers and you should be fine. XFX only lists 630W because there are crap PSU out there so they don't want law suits. I'm pretty sure a quality 550W would do unless you ever decide to SLI.
  4. U should be fine with a 550. (but overkill never kills anyone ;) )

    Mainly stick with Corsair, Seasonic, Antec (they have some good ones...especially the new ones) and PC P&C is always good

    Also, decide if u want modular or not (can change price a bit)
  5. Thanks. I appreciate the info. :)
  6. um, sorry - suchanewb is a pretty good description of me. How do I know if I want modular? Is it size? Fit in the case?
  7. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16817256012

    Here ya go.

    Newegg is pretty good eRetailer

    When looking for a good psu, make sure there is at least 18a+ on the 12v rail.
    (you will need more depending on setup)
    I recommend a single 12v rail over multiple. (multiples cost a little less but may not adequately power your system)

    Try to get a unit with Active PFC which will compensate for loss of power.

    Brands: PC Power & Cooling, Corsair, Silverstone. Antec and Thermaltake can be considered as well but I would go with the first three by default.
  8. Modular just means that u can remove cables that are unneeded....

    Reduces clutter but costs more
  9. Thanks much for the help. After careful consideration...I'm thinking one of these two:

    PC Power & Cooling Silencer PPCS750QBL 750W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI NVIDIA SLI Certified (Dual 8800 GTX and below) CrossFire Ready 80 PLUS Certified Active PFC Power Supply

    Corsair TX CMPSU-750TX ATX12V & EPS12V Power Supply

    Any warnings, opinions, facts I should know?
    Thanks again.
  10. Both excellent PSUs, the corsair will probably be a bit quieter.
  11. ^^exactly

    otherwise theyre the same
  12. Go 700 watt, more is always better.
  13. One last question...should I go with the Corsair 620 HX instead (of the 750 TX) to get a modular unit? It has triple rails instead of single. Being a newb, will it be easier to install?

    Interestingly...Corsair says I only need like a 540w but for a few bucks more, why not overkill a little. :)
  14. Multiple or single rail really makes 0 difference. Generally a multiple rail is just a single split

    The only difference is modular or not.
    Personally, since u really dont kno the difference, grab the 750
  15. I appreciate all the help guys. Bought the Corsair TX 750 and will install tomorrow. Thanks again!
  16. drippyfausett - thanks for posting the link to the updated tiered list of power supplies. another bookmark for reference material.
  17. I still dont agree with that list at all....

    I mean, they add stuff, but some stuff should be totally changed
  18. Silverion - Yes, that list is not absolute and it is subject to change and personal opinions. On top of that the updated list is from last May. However, what I found interesting was the list of links to other web sites that review and test power supplies:

  19. +1 what theAnimal said.
  20. Yea personally i like Jonny and Hard OCP the best
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