Monitor in Sleep Mode and Won't wake up.

I have this computer from a friend is a Dell Gx270 Desktop computer I know is old.... The computer turns on but it doesn't show anything in the Monitor, I tried clicking keys and nothing, reboot the computer and no luck, remove the memory ram and put it back on and still didn't show nothing on Screen. :(

Does anybody know how to wake a monitor from sleep mode :fou: ?? This happened to me in my another computer and i reset the motherboard jumpers and it worked, But this Dell Gx270 computers don't have jumpers or at least i don't see any, unless they have different ones. :pfff:

Anybody please, all help will be Great Appreciated. Thanks
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  1. To get a monitor out of sleep mode, either send it a valid display signal or turn it off and on.

    unfortunately, you sound like you have more than a monitor problem
  2. Is it an LCD monitor?
  3. I have a similar problem with my Samsung 22" LCD.

    Whenever I start my computer I MUST turn the power off from the monitor and then turn my computer on. Give it a min or so until my G15 keyboard lights up and then turn my monitor on.

    I turn my computer on while my LCD is already turned on it will stay in standby until I shut down the computer and do what I described above. I have no idea why it does this but maybe you have a similar problem.
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