Core i7 920 idle temp high

I just recently put all my cpu components together. I am currently still using the stock cooler till the noctua arrives. I removed the pre-applied thermal paste on the stock cooler with isopropanol and applied Arctic Cooling MX-2 to it. Booted up and bios reported a worryingly high idle cpu temperature (50c). I removed the cooler and re-applied the paste just in case it was done properly and booted up again. Temperature was better this time but (30c) but went up (40c).

Read somewhere on the internet that the bios sometimes can show incorrect cpu temperature so I installed windows and used Real Temp. Temperature for idle cpu was around 40-45c. Rised up to 60c on load.

Is this normal or should recheck the cooler and thermal paste? I was assuming idle temperature should be around 25-30c.

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  1. Your temps are about right for the stock cooler. The i7's are not the coldest chips.
  2. Thank you for the reply... was getting a bit worried there :)
  3. Yeah if it were not for the MX-2 you would be hitting 70-75c on load with that thing. Pretty bad when my i7 is a larger stress on my WC loop than either of my 4870 X2s, it is hot.
  4. Are you absolutely certain that the pushpin mounts are all solidly in? They canbe tricky to install. The only really good way to tell is to remove the motherboard from the case to get a look at the back. As an alternative, power off and unplug the psu. Try to wiggle the cooler. If it is not rock solid, the cooler might not be on 100%.
    Unless the ambient temperature is very warm, 50c at idle seems too hot to me.
  5. If it helps I have installed 8 i7's (OC'd to 3.2GHz) with Vigor Monsoon III LT's on them and their idle temps were between 38-42c, loads were 65-73c. At stock clock speed they were still in the mid to high 30's at idle.

    Those Vigor's are supposed to be good after market coolers too.

    I wouldn't worry about it too much.
  6. I have a 920 OC'd to 3.6.
    My idel temps are 32 - 35c
    My load playing COD World at War is 62-65c.

    This is with the stock HFS and fans set to low in an Antec 900.
    The temp in my furnished basement is 65F.
  7. My i7 930 idles really warm, even with a megahalems with a true push pull, at stock speeds I idle around 45-53 and right now im overclocked to 4ghz with HT idle at 47-54, High idle temps but prime 95 load temps are fine. chjade84 were those i7's 920's?
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