Realtek ALC883

Hi my sound is cracking then i write whit keyboard and when i up volume i can heard only bass no mid or high sound what can it be?
drainboard MS-7260
audio card integrated
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  1. You could try new drivers first of all for your card. Otherwise it could be your speakers so check another set first, otherwise you may need a new soundcard. Admittedly you could just send the motherboard back if it's still under warranty but it's a lot of hassle when you can get a new soundcard. Not sure what i'd recommend as a replacement though as anything half good costs maybe £50/$50-100
  2. i updated drivers no my speakers is ok i tried another one its same. So i can install new sound card if my sound card is integrated ?
  3. Yeah, just find out if it's pci or pci-express 1 or whatever that the card needs and check you have it on the board, very likely no problems there. Then slot the new card in, go to your bios and disabled the onboard sound and should be no problems.
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