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i am trying to get a new video card for my new system. but i wont be playing many games. mabey some COD4 when it gets cheaper... i dont buy games that often. it needs to play cod2 but also some newer games. my monitor is a old dell CRT monitor. it is VGA so the cards i was looking at are all DVI. i like the 4830 but i swear the price for it rose. anyways, what would be a good PCIe 2.0 card for my needs. my cpu is an AMD 5000 OCed at 2.8 if that matters.
ps is there dvi to VGA adapters.

CPU AMD 5000 2.8ghz
RAM 2.75GB 256 shared video memory (3GB)
2 hard drives
530W PSU
windows xp home
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  1. A HD4670 or HD4830 would work fine.

    All the cards that are out now have DVI but they almost always come with an adapter so that shouldn't be a problem.
  2. both cards are in diff categories though:P

    I would look into 9600 GT:) better than the 4670 but not better than the 4830.

    But it can be found for under 100$ depending on where you look.
  3. i THOUGHT THE 4670 > 9600 gt
  4. No, the 9600>4670 by quite an amount.
    See here:

    Yes, I know it`s for another card, but check out the benchmarks.
  5. 4830 or 4850
  6. thanks, im leaning toard the 4830 because its a little slower than the 9800 GT but it has way more Steam Proccessors. and everything else is pretty much the same. is it worth it to have a litttle bit more speed but less steam proccessors or vice versa?

    thanks for all the suggestions
  7. @ FIREFOXX04;Numbers in this case mean very little, it`s the way the processors are designed that counts.
    For example the GTX280 has 240 while the HD4870 has 800 yet the GTX 280 is, the faster card.
    And, as you have said, the 4830 IS a little slower than the 9800, despite having more processors.
    And where did a 9800GT creep into the thread, or was that just a typo?
  8. A little more on stream processors: Nvidia and ATI do their SPs differently, so you cannot compare the two directly. However, stream processor count is a valid way to compare two cards from the same company, e.g. two nvidia cards or two ati cards. You just can't compare an ati card to an nvidia card like that.

    Edit: Nvidia uses multithreaded SPs while ati uses vector SPs - this is why you can't compare them.
  9. get nvidia, its way better than ati and nvidia has the 3d vision unlike ati and physx.
  10. that says nothign about the company.

    Troll comment.

    Honestly posts like these should be deleted have no facts.

    Coke is better than Pepsi cuz I'm a fanboy:)
  11. Pershing121 : Nvidia :: Thunderman : AMD
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