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I am trying to Install one of my old hard drives into my new computer to salvage my pic and music before I sell it. Heres the problem. After install I changed the boot order to boot up my old hard drive first. I am running windows seven On an intell i7. My old drive was compaq presario with xp. After jumping through the hoops of calling and getting a new code so xp will work it goes into the setup process. The time remaining on my setup progress bar is over 16 hours. It just sits there saying do not shut your computer down until set up is complete. Also it seemed to of split my old hard drive into two drives. I should have close to 200 G of stuff on the old drive and it tells me one drive has 10 G and the other 8 G. No pics,music or any of my old programs seem to be on the drive. I am confused as to whats going on? Sorry about the long explanation. Any help?
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  1. Don't change your boot order.Just put the drive in and boot to windows 7.Open the drive in my computer and drag out any files you want.Then you can either put that drive back into your old machine or reformat it.Your old drive will not boot in another machine without a fresh reinstall of windows.
  2. i tried that first but when i do i can only access system files for the old computer, none of my personal files, music, pictures ect.... are visible. 2 years ago my old mobo crashed and it has been sitting in storage up till now. the only reason i kept it was to recover the information off the hard drive. i dont know what happens when the mobo crashes if it even can destroy the personal files. i have not re-formatted the drive.
  3. Sounds fishy.Perhaps check "show hidden files or folders" Any way you look at it,sounds like a good ad for backup.
  4. Okay still no luck but thank you for trying. I'll just reformat and use as extra.
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