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Hello all,

I have a gateway pc that was turned off by a power outage (bad sign, I know) The bootable hard drive is a Western Digital Sata WD750AAKS. When I turned on the PC, it would not boot to windows. I tried doing a repair, safe mode, nothing worked. I see that the hard drive is not showing up when I get to a command prompt. I loaded up bios, and the HD is listed there. When trying to boot the PC, the hard drive does make noise, but it sounds exactly like it did before this trouble. There is no clicking or weird noises.

My next step was to try the drive in another gateway PC. When I connect the WD750AAKS to another computer, it gets to the loading windows 7 screen and hangs. I then rebooted the PC and the WD750AAKS shows up in bios. I altered the boot sequence and disabled the drive from booting. However, windows would not boot. When the WD750AAKS is not plugged in the PC boots fine. I tried plugging in the WD750AAKS while the PC was on, and it was not detected. I downloaded the trial of getdataback and that does not see the drive either. Is it possible I may be able to get data off this HD? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I should have mentioned that the WD750AAKS drive has vista on it, and the PC that I am trying to test it in has Windows 7.
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